• Digitalize your business with our management software for the restaurants.

  • Without the need to buy any additional equipment. Running on any PC, Mobile or Tablet.

  • Cloud application, accessible from anywhere without the need to install any software.

  • Digitalize your restaurant to have full control, analyze your improvement opportunities and increase your profits.

  • Know in real time what activities your staff is doing, bookings, control the stock, digital menu, daily reports, etc.

Management Software to digitalize your restaurant

Digitalize your Restaurant, Bar or Coffee Shop with our management software

In the midst of the digital revolution, we offer you the opportunity to take a step forward, go beyond and implement new work methodologies in your restaurant that will allow you to optimize your daily tasks. Thanks to our management software, you will be able to increase productivity, be more efficient and reduce the number of errors produced, which will translate into greater economic benefit. Don't get left behind and keep your competitiveness thanks to all the advantages offered by our management software for restaurants.

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Digitalize your restaurant

Digital menu, phone orders from the table, digitalized orders, automated tasks and much more.

Digital Menu

Manages home and pickup orders, modifies menus instantly, controls perishable stock, etc.

Booking Management

Control the bookings made at your business from your mobile phone in any location.

Stock Control

Real-time stock control, easy contact with suppliers.

Detailed Reports

Control your daily turnover, customer feedback, your best-selling products and much more.

Time registration

Time registration of employees, as well as a history of these.

Digitalize your restaurant

When an order is placed, it is automatically registered in our management software, this makes everyone aware of it. A task is generated so that the waiter in charge of that table and with less workload takes the drinks to that table. He will also do it in the kitchen so that the dishes start cooking. Once they are finished, they are notified and another task will be assigned to the staff to bring the dish to the table. No waiter will stand without knowing what to do and we will be able to control at all times the tasks to be done and how long they have been waiting.

Discover the advantages of Digitizing your restaurant

Digital Menu

The digital menu offered by our management software for your restaurant is accessible from any device, allowing us to offer orders to be delivered at home or to be picked up at the restaurant. In our local, a waiter can write down the order or customers can order directly from your phone, as they will have the digital menu at your fingertips at all times, this added to the ease of ordering makes your consumption increase. The digital menu can be edited instantly to modify prices, menus, etc. It also allows us to indicate possible allergens and offers a scoring system to know the customer's opinion about our dishes.

Discover the advantages of having a Digital Menu

Booking Management

Forget about having to write down the reservations in a notebook, thanks to our management software for restaurants you will be able to centralize all the reservations in the application. You will be able to know the reservations that are in your restaurant, modify them or add a new one from any device and in any location, in addition from the management software you will be able to apply filters so that it is easier to group the reservations by hours, number of guests, etc.

How to Managing Bookings

Stock Control

Control the stock you have in real time and from any location thanks to our management Software. When a dish is ordered it is automatically deducted from the inventory, which will allow us to know at the moment the current availability of products and thanks to the managementsibility of modifying the digital menu we will be able to replace that dish in the menu for another one instantly. Register in our management software for restaurants associated with each product data supplier to easily contact them by phone or email, which will provide a constant inventory replenishment.

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Detailed Reports

To avoid going blind when running your restaurant, our management software will provide you with a lot of information that will help you in your decision making. You can know the daily income generated and where these come from, if it is more successful to order a la carte or menu, how many benefits leave home orders, the most popular dishes of our digital menu and the opinion that customers have about these, and so on. Through graphics will be easy to access all this information recorded in the management software which will help you to enhance your strengths and strengthen those to improve.

Read more about the Importance of Reports

Time registration

Register the entry and exit of workers with a simple click in our management software. You can also access the history of records, which will allow you to consult any date or range of dates to know which employees were working, as well as their entry and exit signings. You will be able to know in real time and from any location which employees are working right now in your digitalized restaurant. Use the records to plan your employees' shifts and facilitate the rest and rotation of your workers.

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